St Georges Church

St Georges Church, Anstey As our Old Church tower is now an empty shell and closed to prevent vandalism (see History of Thundridge Old Church for some pictures), it can be difficult to imagine what it was once like. We were therefore very fortunate and grateful to be able to visit the tower St Georges Church, […]

Historic England Archeological Survey

Archaeological Survey On 21st February we met with the Historic England survey team at the Old Church where they were conducting a landscape and archaeological survey. A new advanced drone, only a few months old was used. It is programmed to overfly the site automatically on a precalculated track, no matter the wind or weather, […]

New (Old) Church Images

We have had several people interested in what the tower used to look like before the windows were protected from vandalism Here are two images from summer 1906  A few things you may note from the photograph of the tower (some zooming in is required) The sundial arm is intact and in place, and the […]

Ware’s The Community

Ware’s the Community Event On Saturday 14th January TOCAG were delighted to have a stall at the ‘Ware’s the Community event’ at the Southern Maltings.  This is a new event based on an idea from France, where all community based organisations in and around Ware get together and give local residents a chance to find […]

Condition Survey

Condition Survey As outlined here in more detail, one of the immediate essential next steps for TOCAG remains to carry out a comprehensive condition survey of the tower. It is critical that as an organisation we know what state the tower is in, and how much it will cost to maintain it for the next […]

Snow December 2022

Snow – December 2022 Here are some pictures of the church during the cold snap before Xmas 2022, when overnight temperatures fell to -8oC with heavy snowfall  Spot the Owl (i.e. find the Owl, his name is not ‘Spot’) The scheduled monument from the churchyard looking West The West face of the tower North and […]

Neighbourhood Plan Inclusion

The following paragraph has been agreed, subject to amendment and confirmation, for inclusion into the Neighbourhood plan. This complements the much more detailed work that is ongoing to independently and formally establish the ‘significance’ of the valley, the overall objective being to build up as many layers of defence as possible against potential threats to […]