St Georges Church, Anstey

As our Old Church tower is now an empty shell and closed to prevent vandalism (see History of Thundridge Old Church for some pictures), it can be difficult to imagine what it was once like.
We were therefore very fortunate and grateful to be able to visit the tower St Georges Church, Anstey with the ‘Steeple Keeper’ Gus. This tower is of very similar age and design to ours, with parapet and Hertfordshire spike and six bells, one dating back to the 1500s, all in ringing condition.
St Georges is very well worth a visit, packed full of fascinating history including ancient graffiti, a font from the 1200s with nearly unique carved merman design, and a stunning and moving millennium project window commemorating the American airmen who lost their lives at a nearby base in the 2nd World War – indeed an airplane crash came close to destroying the church.

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  1. Thank you the folk of Anstey so such as warm welcome. Looking forward to a return visit, so much more to explore.

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