TOCAG Merchandise

TOCAG are pleased to offer a range of merchandise we hope to extend and offer in a ‘proper’ online shop for the future. Any profits will go directly to our mission to protect and preserve the Old Church. As well as our branded T-shirt and candles; we now have four greetings cards, which celebrate our unique and well-beloved tower and churchyard site whilst helping to spread the word and raise funds towards their ongoing conservation during our custodianship.


While we develop an online shop, all products can be purchased at TOCAG events or ordered via email to


These four cards are artistic representations of the Old Church and the immediately adjacent Thundridgebury Manor, demolished in 1811 (yet another story to tell)

A single card and envelope is available at £1.50, and a pack of four cards and envelopes £5.00

Please use the reference ‘TOC____’ codes of each image to order your preferred design(s)



Thanks to the generosity of a supporter, we were donated candle making supplies with which we have made some high quality scented candles in glass containers and presentation boxes. They make genuinely lovely items for the house or gifts.

We suggest a donation of £10 per candle.