The Friends of the Rib and Quin

Within sight to the North of the Old Church are sections of the river Rib, a chalk stream and one of the planet’s rarest habitats with 85% found in South East England.

As a result of agricultural practices, increased population, ineffective regulation, climate change, and a 70% increase in household water use since 1985, chalk streams are now polluted and heavily overabstracted to the point of running dry in the upper reaches. 

The Friends of the Rib and Quin is a community based organisation, like TOCAG and set up at a similar time with which we feel we share mutual values, challenges and approaches and are proud to promote. 

As outlined here the significance of the Rib Valley, of which the Old Church is a part, is more than the sum of it’s parts. A healthy river enhances the significance of the valley near the church, and vice versa.  

The FORQ website can be found here and is well worth a visit and your support

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