Thundridge Old Church T-shirts

One of the oldest and most interesting remaining features of the Old Church is the stone carved Quatrefoil set in the wall of the South tower and the mystery of the Pelham buckle on it, possibly the first occurrence of this symbol and the only one outside Sussex. (see History of Thundridge Old Church)

In association with our associate organisation Friends of the Rib and Quin (FORQ), TOCAG are pleased to offer certified organic cotton t-shirts are printed using low waste technology in a renewable energy powered factory in the UK featuring a watercolour of the Quatrefoil  by H.G. Oldfield c 1800

With many thanks to Mark Wilkinson of Friends of the Rib and Quin (FORQ), for designing this range, arranging print-to-order deliveries with FORQ’s supplier, and hosting the sales on the FORQ website.

FORQ’s website comprehensively covers: the Rib’s historical and ecological importance as a chalk stream (an incredibly important and globally rare environment with a unique ecology); its present predicament as a chalk stream in crisis, under threat from abstraction, invasive species and pollution; the citizen scientist and benchmarking work of River Fly Monitors, rare and invasive species monitors; and how you can follow progress, contribute your own observations and get more involved to improve its future.

Ordering Instructions

  1. Visit  the web page 
  2. Click on your preferred t-shirt style: Men’s, Women’s, Women’s crew neck and Kids and you will be given product details and an option of sizes
  1. Add your choice or choices to your ‘Bag’ and follow purchasing instructions to complete your order and payment via Paypal or Credit Card.

T-shirts are printed to order and quickly dispatched in ecological packaging via Royal Mail (free for orders over £50 – buy three or more t-shirts with/for friends, family or neighbours you will save carbon miles and money).  International delivery is also available.