TOCAG Needs You

A community charity can only succeed if what it is doing actually matters to the community.  

Every little engagement from you really matters, it is our lifeblood. With a little bit of help we can save the church and make it a local icon to be proud of and for future generations

Here are a few ways we would love your help. If this looks scary it isn’t meant to be – just one small thing would be wonderful, and anything you can do, just as a one off or no more than here and there makes all the difference.  

  • Talk to us –
    • Just ‘Hello’, lets us know we’re reaching friends. 
    • Please comment on what are we doing well and could do more of, and how we might do things better or differently.  Email, or comment on website posts. 
    • What does the church mean to you – thoughts, stories, anecdotes, information, theories, pictures – anything that helps us build a picture that this is a place that anyone cares about and why – however ‘ordinary’ that might seem (walking the dog, reading the gravestones, etc), it is still a part of peoples lives and thoughts. How would you feel if it was gone or behind private walls? 
  • Become a detective: share your questions and help unravel conundrums
  • There are plenty of online documents and monuments to decipher; family trees to fathom; field finds and lumps and bumps to rediscover
  • We have and are building contacts with a number of British and international university History, Archaeology and Philosophy Departments; but never underestimate the amateur local historian, detectorist, or curious key stage or U3A contributors
  • Get involved – TOCAG needs your skills and enthusiasm.
    • Are you creative; can you draw, produce graphics, photograph, write, edit or educate? 
    • Do you have IT skills; can you improve published content, use of the web, email or social media? 
    • Can you organise; can you assist with events, advertising, complete forms, get quotes, buy things, produce reports?    
    • Do you have experience in Finance, Purchasing, Property, Business or Legal work?  These skills will be vital to help TOCAG manage custodianship of the site, raise funds, and conform to legislation. 
    • Are you an outgoing networker, who can help share our message and mission; enthuse and encourage support; utilise contacts who can help. 
    • Are you practical; would you be able to help maintain the churchyard, make noticeboards, clean graffiti. 
    • Could you supplement our leadership team or board of trustees? Our current core group of four people, are a happy welcoming team – there might even be biscuits and tea on offer.