Ware's the Community Event

On Saturday 14th January TOCAG were delighted to have a stall at the ‘Ware’s the Community event’ at the Southern Maltings. 

This is a new event based on an idea from France, where all community based organisations in and around Ware get together and give local residents a chance to find out what’s available, meet the people behind the organisations and hopefully find something with which they might like to get involved. 

I can honestly say we had a brilliant day. We spoke to many local residents  and had some fascinating conversations. It is obvious, and affirming, how many people know and value the Old Church . However, at the same time not that many know this is a place under threat – we collectively have our work cut out to get the message out there as widely as possible to tap the evident grassroots support. 

It was a great opportunity to showcase our new website, and everyone we spoke to was happy to be included on the mailing list, increasing our list of friends by a third.     

We also had plenty of time to look round ourselves and talk to other community groups. There are some truly great people out there working for the community in so many ways, and their enthusiasm, insights and support were invaluable.  

We have made several significant contacts which we hope will lead to new TOCAG volunteers in important areas and highly beneficial collaborations with other organisations. 

Have a look at Southern Maltings report on the event here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnfEC2oLNmx/


Thanks you to everyone who took time to come to the event and speak to us, we enjoyed each and every conversation. We will keep in touch, with you and we hope you will do the same.    

Thanks also to the Southern Maltings team. This is a superb venue, community asset and the last of Ware’s maltings buildings, protected, maintained and kept with public access by another dedicated team of volunteers according to their vision of the Maltings as  ‘an artistic space dedicated to providing creative experiences that will enhance the health and well-being of the local and wider community’

We are indebted to them and especially John Wing for initiating and organising this event so very well.  

Have a look at their website southernmaltings.co.uk to see what’s going on locally 

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