We have had several people interested in what the tower used to look like before the windows were protected from vandalism

Here are two images from summer 1906 

A few things you may note from the photograph of the tower (some zooming in is required)

  • The sundial arm is intact and in place, and the lettering ‘Long Live the King’ is clearly picked out in a contrasting dark colour 
  • The outline of the blocking arch and the roofline of the nave are clearly visible
  • The upper west window clearly shows the trefoiled openings in the head 
  • The 14thC window in the blocking arch is undamaged, with two intact corbels 
  • Gravestones are largely intact
  • The grounds are well maintained 
  • The Norman door opening has a wooden door – this is before it was almost completely vandalised and had to be rebuilt.  
Also, from the photograph of the churchyard 
  • The beautiful Tudor brick wall and gates to the front of the churchyard are still in place – what a thing it would be to have these rebuilt.  
  • Look closely at the height of the rear wall, maybe 12 feet or more? 
  • In front of the rear wall, look at a large sarcophagus. This has been entirely smashed, only broken pieces now remain scattered in this location. 
  • Another above ground structure approaching the church tower, just visible above the wall to the right of the gate –  a grave, or something else?


So much has been lost already – let’s hope we can try and recover what we can and keep what is left. 

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