Since TOCAG’s creation, costs have been relatively modest and privately funded, however moving into 2024 we anticipate stepping up activities.

Informed by the condition report, we will be moving into a phase where we build a business plan, begin fundraising and grant applications, negotiate legal frameworks under which we take responsibility and hopefully start repairs. It is expected this will create much higher running costs including professional services, if not available pro-bono.  

We also want to start making a difference with enhanced events, publicity, education and outreach as well as improving the church with better general maintenance and information for visitors. 

As a registered charity (Charity number: 1202921) we would now be grateful to receive contributions to enable us to take the next steps in our journey according to our governing constitution.  

We have started a fundraiser on GoFundMe, please click on or scan the images below or go to

If you would like to discuss making a donation for something specific, or a bequest, we would love to hear from you.