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As reported on 10th March, the Parish Council recently passed a motion to explore the viability of setting up a trust to manage the church tower and graveyard. The guidance it has now received indicates that such an approach would face major complications. 

The Parish Council is already committed to many major programs, such as: the Neighbourhood Plan; the future of the Glebe Field in High Cross; active participation in the Ware North program; determining the Norman Wodson (pavilion) future and the many aspects associated with the C183 environment improvement. In addition, this is a Parish Council election year, and hence it is not possible to know at this stage who Councillors will be. 

In view of these considerations, the Parish Council does not consider itself in a position to develop this investigation further, and so  “Accordingly, we are delighted that the local community has formed the Thundridge Old Church Action Group with a view to establishing a trust to support the site and we fully support the group.”

Further to this, they restated to the Diocese the clear resolution I am certain we all hold as our effective ‘mission statement’ 

“The Parish Council remains (in reflection of public opinion) adamantly opposed to any plans to either develop or demolish the site and will formally oppose any such planning applications.  We support the retention of the Old Church as-is in perpetuity.”

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Parish Council for the commitment and enthusiasm they have already shown to this cause and look forward to working with their guidance and support to achieve a satisfactory outcome to our endeavors. 

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