New TOCAG members – Spread the word

The list of people I am including on the TOCAG distribution list has been increasing steadily over the last month, and I hope we will get some new names as a result of the MidSummer service

If you are aware of anyone who might be interested, then, with their permission, please send me a few details, especially email addresses, so I can broaden the group and keep as many people as possible up to date with what is going on. 

I was particularly pleased to meet with James Pearce last week. James is the owner of Youngsbury, which you may be aware, is undergoing a highly ambitious plan of renovation and restoration of the buildings and the historic park to their 18th century designs, under the guidance of Historic England and the Hertfordshire Gardens Trust. As a local born and bred and with the obvious historic and visual links between Youngsbury and the Old Church, James is very interested in TOCAG and supporting our aims. 

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