Charitable Organisation

We have started an application for TOCAG to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), which has the benefits of being a corporate body with the legal capacity to do many things in its own name and without trustees being personally liable but is solely registered with the Charity Commission and only regulated by charity law, which reduces up-front paperwork and on-going filing obligations.

We found a dependency that we must have a ‘legal interest’ in the site to be able to submit this application, so we made a request to the Diocese to work with us on that, with the intention that this interest would become part of the site covenant when ownership is transferred. They are going to create a draft at their upcoming Close Churches Usage Committee meeting in May 2022

We also have joined the Heritage Trust Network which is an organisation of over 400 groups and trusts across the UK who are involved in the restoration and preservation of heritage buildings. We have been attending online meetings and seminars and hope to publicise ourselves, our aims and challenges for peer support and feedback.  

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